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About us



I am Linda Garland, an Irish designer who has lived in Bali since the early 70’s.

I fell in love with this river side land where for the last 25 years I have been slowly planting, sculpting and building around the U turn in the river.

Its hilly contours and valley with extraordinary rock formations, waterfalls with many natural springs, has been my canvas to create what has become Panchoran Retreat.

For years we have held festivals of Balinese dance and music, we held workshops and housed environmentalists for the bamboo foundation which I started in 1990. We have hosted Balinese buffets with local dances, barbeques and romantic dinners to an unforgettable level.

Planting in the tropics is so rewarding as everything grows 10 times faster. We have a mature garden of giant bamboos, an enormous Bodhi tree, avenues of tree ferns and flamboyant heliconias, gingers, spices and fruits and therefore we have a great variety of butterflies and birds.

We have 7 houses, a yoga pavilion, a “Big Bale” where everyone meets and a large country kitchen, a world of its own. Apart from the private pools in the houses, there is a 26 meter lap pool filled with spring water. You can relax on the bamboo bridge perched over the river. We have little hideaway Bales where you can do yoga, have your massage, read, relax or even have a nap.

The rooms are comfortable. The beds have light weight tropical feather duvet covers and pillows with 200 thread count cotton sheets. Perfect for a good night’s sleep.
The indoor-outdoor bathrooms with own spring water showers makes you feel like you are bathing in the Garden of Eden.
A constant cool breeze blows from the river through the rooms, therefore there is no need to turn on the air conditioning. You might even see and hear the King Fishers. There is also Wifi in this jungle!

Our food is local and traditional Indonesian, all organic and home cooked. All our guests love to eat at home. But if you want to try another “ cuisine”, there are a variety of restaurants in Ubud.

The staff can help you with everything you need. They have been with me for years and feel like my family.

The Monkey forest into Ubud is within 10 minutes walk away with an incredible choice of art galleries, dance and music performances, restaurants and shopping.

Panchoran is like an oasis next to the cultural center of Bali, the best of both worlds.
Do come and visit us.


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